Vyapam scam: Gowda says PM Modi need not answer on 'silly issues'

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Has PM Narendra Modi lost the plot

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A popular legend is that when Rome burned in 64 CE, its Emperor Nero was playing a fiddle.  Almost 2000 years later, people question whether the self-styled Hero of Hindustan, the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is fiddling with Selfie when India is churning.

The legend of the decadent Nero playing a fiddle is totally untrue.  The simple reason is the instrument ‘fiddle’ was not invented almost a 1000 years after his death.  But no such defence can cover the current PM Narendra Modi.  For one, the proclivity of the high and mighty (and even of some not so mighty) are regularly archived for posterity in the digital age.

Thus, every media savvy person in India is well aware that the PM Narendra Modi wore a totally obnoxious pinstripe suit with his own name embroidered 10,000 times or more when President Obama visited India.  Even people who are not so media savvy are aware by now about the alleged (and in some cases, shamelessly admitted) scams involving:
  • two senior ministers of his own cabinet – Sushma Swaraj, Smiriti Irani;
  • two senior Chief Ministers of his own BJP party – Shivraj Chauhan, Vasudhara Raje; and,
  • two ministers in Maharashtra of his own party – Pankaja Munde, Vinod Tawde.
Though the first of the scandals broke almost 2 weeks back, and the last one became known only yesterday, there has not been a peep or a tweet from the Prime Minister Modi or his office. 

Yet, a couple of days ago, the same Narendra Modi created an internet rage, by asking people to post their picture with their daughter with the Twitter hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter.  Though the intention behind the campaign had good intentions – to highlight the importance of girl child – the potential for abuse of those images has been conveniently overlooked.

Today, the PM is all set to launch his next pet project – Digital India – by inaugurating a video conference with / between two village panchayats near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.  Incidentally it is the same state wherein the ruling BJP is embroiled in a massive admission and recruitment scam (Vyapam Scam), and where around 33 persons, accused of involvement in the scam, mostly aged between 25 to 40 have died under suspicious circumstances.

All the while, the national opposition has questioned the absolute silence maintained by the PM on the questions raised.  On the one hand, it is true that we should not expect a PM to reply to every question raised to him, as he has better things to do.

But Four or Five scandals, a couple of which read like a Mitch Rapp novel full of intrigue, back-scratching, and high level conspiracies, does need clarifications from the man, who self-styled himself as the Hero of Hindustan.  Else history will document him as a vainglorious meddler who tweeted about selfies while his home was churning.


(original cartoon by Chris Riddell of Gordon Brown of 22/03/2009 modified by yours truly)
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What is Modinomics and Trickle Down Theory

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There is a fully functional (opponents would claim dysfunctional) economic principle called the Trickel-down Economics or Trickle-down Theory.  Present day Republicans in USA, and the current BJP regime under PM Narendra Modi subscribe to this theory.

The Trickle-down Theory basically presumes that benefits given to the upper income level citizens, which itself is a euphemism for the richest, will benefit everyone, including the poorest of the poor.  The argument goes that the rich will spend the extra money, which will create demand, and so will produce more jobs.  Since those jobs will be filled in by the poor, the benefit 'trickles down'.

But the term 'trickle down' itself was considered too risky to be flaunted about, and so a new term was coined to soften the impact - and it became 'supply-side economics'.  In practice, it was called Reaganomics in the USA, and as Thatcherism in the UK.  Today in India, it is being tagged as Modinomics.

But the latest (June 2015) research by IMF in over 150 countries titled “Causes and Consequences of Income Inequality: A Global Perspective”, has rubbished the Tricke-down theory.  The research showed that where the rich get more money the economy actually shrank, while where the benefits were poor oriented, the GDP actually grew.  The IMF study shows that by whatever name the 'supply-side economics' is called - Reaganomics, Thatcherism or Modinomics, it will lead to worsening economic conditions.

The researchers calculated that when the richest 20% of society increase their income by one percentage point, the annual rate of growth shrinks by nearly 0.1% within five years.

By contrast, when the lowest 20% of earners see their income grow by one percentage point, the rate of growth increases by nearly 0.4% over the same period.

The reason for the shrinkage is the poor struggle to obtain quality health-care and education - two most essential factors for higher labour productivity.  So even though more people may find jobs under Modinomics, the actual output would continue to suffer, especially when the current BJP regime has cut down Plan Outlays for both health-care (from a pathetic 1.3% to ~1% of GDP) and education (from 4.52% to 3.26% of GDP).

To top it, under the garb of Modinomics, the rural employment scheme has also been curtailed.  By one estimate the total cuts by this BJP regime on social expenditure - agriculture, livelihood security, food security, or drinking water - have been slashed by a massive Rs. 175,000 Crores (~1.75% of GDP).  If we also add in the projected El-Nino effect on a dismal Monsoon, which is expected to cost the economy another 1.75%, it looks like a very tough time ahead.  A 3.5% shrinkage of economic spending, predominantly targeting the rural and poor sections of society, is not good news for the government.

It now appears that my earlier prediction of 1-1/2 to 2 years till an internal putsch in the BJP to oust Narendra Modi may well come true.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans as Terminator

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Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger pranked unsuspecting visitors at Madame Tussaud's wax museum on Thursday by posing as a wax statue of his iconic character, the Terminator T-800.

The stunt was organised by Omaze.com to raise money for a range of charities using famous celebrities.

The donation will be given to After-School All-Stars, a charity which provides after-school programs to keep children safe.

The prank was also meant to draw people's attention to a competition which offers the winners invitations to the "Terminator Genisys" premiere in LA next month.

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Airport Codes

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List of #airportcodes website, tagged by www.madmadrasi.net
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Has India's contribution to WW2 been ignored? - BBC News

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Nelson DeMille - Radiant Angel

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Radiant Angel by #nelsondemille tagged by www.madmadrasi.net
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The obscure legal system that lets corporations sue countries

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Hope #PMO and #Modi are aware in their hurry to attract FDI tagged by www.madmadrasi.net
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How Isis crippled al-Qaida | Shiv Malik, Ali Younes, Spencer Ackerman, Mustafa Khalili | World news | The Guardian

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From #Al-Qaida to #ISIL from #al-Zawahiri to #al-Zarqawi & #al-Baghdadi tagged by www.madmadrasi.net
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Bangladesh Liberation Award for One Speech

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Is Goi confused with Mukthi Vahini war by Indira Gandhi with Kargil War by Vajpayee asks www.madmadrasi.net
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