Anand useless, Carlsen is Champion FWCM Sochi 2014

Well, today’s game round 2 in the FIDE World Chess Championship 2014 at Sochi proves it.  Vishwanathan Anand, and since he won the Challenger’s title, any other Chess Grand Master, is not in the same class as Magnus Carlsen.

From now on, the rest of the games in the FIDE Chess Championship Sochi 2014 will be interesting for only one reason - whether Vishwanathan Anand can hold on with White or will be manage to lose even playing White pieces.

Though his position was tricky at 34th move, the decision to move the pawn to h5 sealed Anand’s fate.  ‘Probably exhausted after a long defence for the last 15-20 moves and under time pressure Anand gives up’, says IM Tihomir Yanev.

Here is the simulation, in YouTube.  The PGN file has been updated (contains both r1 and r2) and can be downloaded for FREE from here.

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Anand manages a Draw against Carlsen in FWCM Sochi 2014

Vishwanathan Anand appears just a little bit better than this time last year.  But Magnus Carlsen is as brilliant as ever.  World Champion Magnus Carlsen drew with challenger Viswanathan Anand in the first game of World Chess Championship 2014, yesterday, 08 Nov, at Sochi, Russia.

The Indian Grand Master playing with White started off aggressively, but the Norwegian played a brilliant middle-game to wrest back initiative.  Vishwanathan Anand started losing the plot from then on and just like last year, committed errors towards the end.  The website and live feed for the event is at [].

On scheduled days, the match starts at 17:30 IST (15:00 Moscow Time or 12:00 GMT)

Magnus Carlsen as usual kept on pushing for a win, and at one time, it appeared that salvaging a draw will be difficult for the Indian chess wizard.  But, a brilliant move at the very end of the game helped Anand to force a draw.

Here is the simulation on YouTube.  The PGN file can be downloaded for free from here. [Google Drive].  BTW I do not understand why the big Chess sites are not giving away the PGN files for free!
Mind you, the PGN file has been compiled by your truly, by laboriously typing out the moves.  The video capture is using the excellent freeware PGN viewer Winboard – a Windows port of the GNU XBoard []

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Nationwide Vigil for Net Neutrality on 6th November

News has leaked that the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is advancing a “hybrid” Internet proposal that will allow cable companies to discriminate and block Internet access. The move by the FCC blatantly ignores the demands of more than 4 million public comments demanding for lasting real Title II net neutrality.

Fight For the Future, in alliance with other such movements is organizing a US nationwide vigil to show to the White House, the FCC, and the world, that we will not let corrupt politicians take away the open Internet, and we want net neutrality.

Today, November 6th, if your are in Washington, and if you are willing, please gather at the White House and across government buildings nationwide holding the cell phones, candles, and flashlights up to shine light on the corruption that is unfolding in Washington, DC, and demand a free and uncensored Internet for all [Lafayette Park, Washington DC (North Front of the White House), at 6 PM EST]. 

In fact, it is not only at Washington, DC, but similar protests are planned throughout the United States, from Chicago to Austin, and from San Francisco to Boston.  Check out the live map of planned protests here [].

Even if you are not a US citizen, you can join the protest, as you will represent the others like me, who are far away, but there in spirit.  If you would like to attend a vigil near you, take your phone, a flashlight, or candle.  Take a sign calling for #RealNetNeutrality too. Once you're at the event, tweet with the hashtag #RealNetNeutrality to show that you are taking part. If you would like to create an action in your area, use the map and publicize the event with your friends and social networks.


(image courtesy Fight For the Future Facebook page)

US Elections: Republican Senate and a Republican House 2014

The way my political foresights are coming true, maybe I should restyle and self-promote this blog as a political think-tank.  As soon as the 2012 Presidential elections results were out, did I not write that ‘if the President carries on the way he did, it will be tough times for Americans and Indians in 4 years.  And for Americans may be in two years’?

That two years – the halfway mark of the current Presidential term – did turn up with a Republican face in the 2014 mid-term elections.  The Republicans have taken control of the Senate in yesterday’s mid-term elections.  Just as the Democrats feared, they lost the seats won over in the 2008 Obama wave.  [Is there a lesson for the opposition who are facing a Modi wave back home?]

The GOP piled up wins in Iowa, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Arkansas, West Virginia and North Carolina — all seats that had elected Democratic Senators — to get to their magic number of seven net gains.  Two leaders who would be extremely happy are Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

That would leave the President Barack Obama completely pinned down in a White House versus the Congress tussle every day of his remaining two years.  For a President who has not been able to match his own rhetoric with action on ground, even when he had goodwill and public support, it is a very difficult prospect.

As for Indo-American relations, in the first place Obama was not much bothered about India - except to fall back to Indian-students-bogeyman when it suited him.  with him as a lame duck, I doubt even the equally-blustering-rhetoric of Narendra Modi can make any headway.

OTOH it showcases the astute political instinct of Hillary Clinton who has deftly managed the good of both worlds.  She was the leading light, or at least the face, of Obama Administration as the 67th Secretary of State, but neatly slotted back into the party once Obama won his 2nd term.  By not waiting to quit until the mid-term elections, she has avoided the stigma of being a fair-weather-flocker. [Is there another lesson for former Ministers or senior leaders – G.K. Vasan, Purandeshwari, Jagadambika Pal, et. al. – who have quit the Congress after the party lost power?].

It will be interesting to watch the US political scene for the next two years.  Whether the GOP is able to harness this total control of the Congress, and to use it to resolve the conflict between the Republican hardliner grassroots vis-a-vis the party establishment; and whether Hillary Clinton manages to attract back the independents and the liberals who have been so disillusioned with Obama.

Right now, the US Congress looks like this:


Are Niche blogs SEO friendly and boost SERP

Do niche blogs do better is the question which popped up this morning.  To understand what I mean my niche, let us take the salient points from a definition from Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia Journalism School.

They say, a single-subject website (1) addresses one topic that is (2) sufficiently narrow in scope, (3) fact-driven and, … (5) not-governmental entities (6) nor newspapers.  Now we can modify the original question as ‘does it make better SEO sense to have multiple blogs, each dedicated to specific subject, instead of a single blog in which everything under the Sun (and beyond) is written about’.

The conventional wisdom is that it is true, that single subject blogs do better than a jack-of-all-trades blog.  All the same, I am not going to split this blog into multiple versions.  To be truthful, I am doing the opposite – amalgamating all my writings – blog posts, write-ups, etc. - from 2004 in here.  However, I decided to check how niche blogs can have better SEO/SERP.

Firing up the browser to Alexa website, I ran a comparison between this blog and another website, which is exclusively SEO oriented.  I picked that particular one, because its Alexa rank was closer to this blog’s one (524,736 vs. 469,862).  Just like the rank, this blog had better bounce rate (48.10 vs 75.80), Daily Pageviews per visitor (2.3 vs 1.2), and Daily time on site (4.15 vs 2.34).  That is readers at monkeyshine nutworks spent more time, read more pages, and bounced to another page (within the blog) more times that the compared site. 

Of all the 3, the bounce rate did surprise me.  While I do not use the technique of ‘read more’ jump links on this blog, the comparison site did.  Generally, if a website implements the click bait technique, you would expect it to show a low number for bounce rate.  Visitors attracted to the site in the first place would definitely click on the ‘read more’ to bounce to another page – which is the article page.

But when it comes to the mother of all ratings – the Google Page Rank, the comparison site has a Google Page Rank of 5, while this blog’s is a not so impressive PR 3. 

Which proves a point – that niche blogs do enjoy better SEO/SERP than all-in-one blogs.


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